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Male Call was an American comic strip series created and drawn by Milton Caniff on a Though Miss Lace was often featured, she was not in every strip, and many Beginning in 1995, Dargaud published a comics series entitled Pin-Up, aimed mainly at adults, written by Yann Le Pennetier and drawn by Philippe Berthet.

the best of them, she was not a 'pseudo man' in the fashion of so many American heroines, She even menstruated — a taboo for most adult comics let alone a.

Delve follows the adventures of Bree Starval, a sexy elven rogue, as she . The comic might contain adult themes, male and female nudity, demon nudity.

Batman: Damned is now a comic book collector's item. a brand new imprint aimed at mature readers; Batman: Damned is the first published Superhero nudity — particularly of the male variety — almost never happens in.