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Boob job dare: Man gets fake breasts for a $100,000 dare - Kidspot guy gets boob job

Say hello to Brian Zembic and his $100,000-boobs. Zembic is Canadian a magician and professional high-stakes gambler specializing in.

A man who got breast implants in order to fulfill a high-stakes bet that Boob job: Brian Zembic proudly shows off his 38C breast implants he.

Mr Zembic, a gambler and magician who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada got a man- boob job in 1996 after a friend bet him $100,000 he couldn't.

Stu Rasmussen is a guy who had a boob job and dates girls and wears dresses. He is a TV actor, theater owner, member of Mensa, and elected mayor of.