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Obama Caught Admiring 16-year-old's Booty | YourTango obama look at ass g8

Jul 10, 2009 A Frame-by-Frame Analysis of Obama's Alleged Ass-Peek. 119.93K. John Cook Obama is looking directly at Woman B's ass. But where else.

Jul 10, 2009 (7/10/09) Video from the G8 Summit of Barack Obama supposedly Peek Appears to Clear Him; Reveals Sarkozy was Sneaking a Good Look.

I think Gawker did a great job debunking the whole Obama Ass Ogle that our sainted prez wasn't ogling anyone inappropriately at the G8 summit. Is there an ethical (or unethical) way to admire a fine-looking member of the opposite sex?.

Barack Obama checking out girls in the G8 Summit? You betcha! And Sarkozy was caught checking out girls too. He he. Photos of the two leaders looking at.