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What types of lube are safe to use with condoms?: Bedsider condom safe massage oil

Pros: Easy to find, low-cost, safe to use with latex condoms, do not stain fabric. The following oil-based lubricants can destroy latex condoms. Pros: Great for genital massages, safe for the vagina, safe to eat, good for all.

Here is a list of lubricants that are safe to use with all condoms: Balm; Butter; cold cream; head and body lotions; massage oils; mineral oil.

Experts explain why oil-based lubricants can degrade latex condoms. While oil -based lube can be great for foreplay or massage, most doctors “It's the darling of holistic wellness, but even though it's safe to ingest, it's not.

I am planning to give my SO a massage. If you want an oil-based lubricant that's condom safe with latex condoms (or polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms).