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The First African-American Woman to Appear in a Coca-Cola Ad: The Coca-Cola Company african american vintage 1950 s advertising

See more ideas about Advertising, Vintage Ads and Retro ads. See more. Vintage African American Ad, For Wigs, 1960s or 1950s Short Black Hairstyles, Flat.

Vintage African American Ad Makeup Advertisement, 1950s Makeup, Retro Makeup, fashion ads in the - "Though mainstream media rarely represented black.

It's true that modern-day ads objectify women, but there's no way companies could get away with The Soda Pop Board Of America (1950s). <.

We take a look at some of the most outrageous vintage ads from the past century. This Jello ad from the 1920s shows a small black boy serving a white In the 1950s, 7-Up encouraged mothers to give their babies the.